Luggage Repair Parts

A Guide To Luggage Repair Parts

Do you have a set of luggage that you absolutely love, but the handle is broken or the lock doesn’t work? Are you dreading having to throw it all out, and buy a whole new set? Well, never fear! Why buy new luggage (even if you can find good luggage deals) when you can easily get luggage repair parts and fix your favorite suitcase yourself?

If you have hard sided luggage, light luggage or really any type of luggage, you can get luggage replacement parts for it. Even if your luggage is not broken, it’s a good idea to keep some luggage parts on hand. Zippers, shoulder straps, handles, wheels and locks may need to be changed from time to time, especially if you travel frequently, as these are the parts that tend to wear out with repeated use.

Luggage Repair Parts : Wheels

If one of your wheels has gone wonky, you’ll need a new set. It helps if you know the size of wheel you need and, if not, bring the wheel with you so you can choose one that is the same size and that will work with your luggage. Check and see if the wheels attach to your luggage with rivets or with screws. Screws are easy to remove at home, but rivets may be a bit more difficult to pull out and put back in. In either case, once you attach new wheels, you want to make sure that you don’t reattach them too tightly otherwise they may crack. Of course, you want them to be firmly enough attached so they don’t wobble or come off when your bag is being thrown on to the plane.

One thing to note is that rubber wheels are better than plastic, as they are more durable and they also roll much smoother. Spinner wheels are the best of all, as they last the longest and are also the easiest to pull and push around.

Luggage Repair Parts : Handles

If you need luggage repair parts for your handle, this is no problem. Many people think they can’t replace handles, especially recessed handles. But you can! Simply unscrew the old handle, put the new handle on using crews, and then add lubrication over the tubing.

Luggage Repair Parts : Zippers

If your luggage zippers are looking a little worse for wear, or aren’t closing properly, then look for a replacement. Of course, you don’t want to use regular zippers, like you would for clothes or regular bags. Luggage replacement parts suppliers will have sturdy, strong zippers that can withstand the rigors of travel. You want a zipper made from strong metal, and larger rather than smaller.

Where to look for luggage repair parts

When you’re looking for luggage repair parts, the first place to go is to your luggage manufacturer.  Ask them if they have luggage deals that include replacement parts… they may send you a replacement handle or lock for free. Check and see if your luggage came with a warranty, and if you are still covered under it. If not, then you may have to pay. In this case, it’s a good idea to browse elsewhere for luggage repair parts because you will likely be able to find them cheaper than you can from the manufacturer of your luggage.